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Haunted Box That 'Cursed' Post Malone May Be Opened by …


The dybbuk box, also known as the “the world’s most haunted object,” may be opened tonight — and Post Malone might need to watch his back.

Ghost Adventures‘ paranormal investigator Zak Bagans, who houses the box in his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, recently told PEOPLE at NYComicCon that he plans to open it during a live show on Halloween night.

“I really want to know and try to document evidence of what is surrounding this mysterious artifact,” Bagans said, while adding that people need to sign a waiver before entering the exhibit.

The box, which inspired the movie The Possession, is a vintage wine cabinet that is said to hold a malicious spirit. It’s also the same box that supposedly put a curse on Malone, 23, after his visit to the museum in June.

While recounting the visit, Bagans said that he and Malone decided to go into the room that houses the dybbuk box and that he ended up removing the protective case over it.

“It is a very powerful item,” Bagans, 41, said. “I didn’t want to open it, I just wanted to take the case off. To make a long story short, we began hearing things.”

After hearing what sounded like a “little girl’s voice,” Bagans said he and the “Better Now” musician quickly ran down the stairs and away from the exhibit. They eventually went back, and that’s when Bagans said they started feeling “something wasn’t right.”

“I remember putting my hand on the box and at that exact moment, Post put his hand on my shoulder,” Bagans explained. “At that moment, it was like something came through the box and into him and I began shaking, I began trembling. This is kind of embarrassing, [but] I began crying, I began screaming and this is when he got me out of the room forcefully.”

Bagans said that after they went downstairs, Malone saw a dark shadow figure outside. The next day, Malone sent Bagans a photo of a massive bruise on his arm.

“Mind you, Post is a person we’ve investigated with, he’s a great debunker [and] very, very smart,” Bagans added.

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Bagans also told TMZ that he’ll only open the box on Halloween if he doesn’t feel the same bad vibes he and Malone felt this summer — but if he does, he won’t.

Some have speculated that Malone’s encounter with the box caused his string of bad luck over the summer, which included his private jet being forced to make an emergency landing after blowing out its left tires in August and his involvement in a serious car crash two weeks later. In September, Malone’s old home was burglarized and the new resident was pistol-whipped.

Ghost Adventures Live airs Oct. 31 at 8 p.m. ET on the Travel Channel.

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