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It’s Never Too Late to Enjoy the Benefits of Golf…


UpdatedWednesday, August 15, 2018

Golfing can be a great way to get exercise and enjoy being outside. Golf is also a great way to socialize. Politicians and business people have been using networking as an excuse to get out and play golf for decades. Golfing can be fun and challenging. They say that it is easy to learn and impossible to master. It’s a great excuse for getting outside, keeping fit, reducing stress, and keeping the mental game sharp.Benefits of Golf

Is there a point when it is just too late to learn golf? Golf is a low-impact way to get exercise. There is walking and swinging clubs at golf balls involved, and it is appropriate for most ages and people with moderate fitness levels. The good thing about starting to play golf is with continued practice- your ability, confidence, and fitness level should increase.

Where to start?

The rules, equipment, terminology, fees, etiquette, clothing, and learning curve can be a bit overwhelming, at first. Don’t let this discourage from taking up this fun hobby. Start slow and don’t put pressure on yourself. Do some online research and find out a bit about the rules, terminology, and etiquette. There are tons of resources like http://reachthegreen.com/ that are filled with golf tips and equipment reviews.

Getting Familiar With the Rules and Terminology

The number of strokes taken on each hole during a round are counted. Whoever takes the fewest strokes over the course of the round is the winner. Par is a predetermined number of strokes a golfer with a 0 handicap should take to complete a hole. A handicap is a golfer’s potential ability in a numerical calculation. This allows players with different abilities to play on more equal scoring terms.Benefits of Golf

Some scoring language you should learn include an ‘ace’ which is a hole in one. An ‘albatross’ or ‘double eagle’ is three strokes under par. An ‘eagle’ is two strokes under par. A ‘birdie’ is one stroke under par. A ‘bogey’ is one stroke over par. A ‘double bogey’ is two strokes over par. Hopefully, this clears up a few of the common terms that get tossed around!

There is still plenty to learn. Keep learning about the game and sign up for lessons. Beginner lessons will make everything fall into place. Soon you will be using and taking for granted golf phrases that you never thought would pass from your lips. Lessons will help get you familiar with course basics and etiquette too.


Golf clubs are the essential tool when we think of golf equipment. Since you are just beginning, you can start with a few essential clubs and go from there. A full club set usually has 12 clubs, but you could get away with a smaller set until you need to take advantage of a full set of irons. Irons are used after teeing off and the different numbers on the iron represent the angle of the iron. Woods are long-range clubs that are used for teeing off. Putters are for those short shots. A hybrid club is a mixture of an iron and a wood.

As long as you are passionate about your fitness, it is never too late to take up golf as it is a moderately active sport. Don’t be intimidated by the wealth of new information. Find a good teacher and take things one step at a time and enjoy the journey of learning this popular sport.

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