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List of Top 10 Richest Cricketers 2017 || Most Rich Cricketers in…


There are so many sports played in this world but cricket is one of the most followed game in present world also called as gentleman’s game by mostly people there is class in this game, and players who played cricket they are the gentleman’s.

Cricket is equally famous in entire world but few Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh the game is considered more than a religion and people ardently following this game. Cricketers from entire world earn large amount of money because cricket is established very nicely and equally popular in every cricket lover country, in England Australia this game is very famous and the cricketers are treated like stars but in Asian countries cricket is undoubtedly most watched game and the cricket players are some of the highest earning sportsman in their nations.
among all the games a lot of cricketers are the richest athletes. It is considered as the most paying game in the world here we will see the list of top most earning or richest players of the world in 2017
Beforehand many legend cricketers have earned handsomely in this sport. Now, we are going to see a number of the Richest Cricketers within the World in 2017. These players have proven nice sports activities in past two years. Allow us to have a look at the Top 10 Richest male Cricketers in the World 2017.

The list is following below:-

1. MS Dhoni: Income/year – $28.7m
2. Virat Kohli: Income/year – $24.9m
3. Chris Gayle: Income/year– $7.5m
4. Virender Sehwag: Income/year– $6.1m
5. Shahid Afridi: Income/year– $5.8m
6. Shane Watson: Income/year– $5.5m
7. Gautam Gambhir: Income/year– $5.2m
8. AB De Villiers: Income/year– $4.8m
9. Michael Clarke: Income/Year– $3.9m
10.Yuvraj Singh: Income/Year– $2.8m