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Top 8 Richest People Of Nepal 2016…


Top 8 Richest People Of Nepal

8.Jyoti Group
Jyoti Group is involved in Philips account, the Himal Iron and Steel and Honda.

7.Golchha organisation Sanjaya Golchha(Rs 1 Billion)
Hulas Motors,steel products ,Electronics Products and Food products are manufactured in Golchha Organisation.

6.Rajendra Khetan
Rajendra Khetan, the son of Mohan Gopal Khetan who heads the Khetan Group.The Group is involved in the field of mining, fast moving consumer goods like beverages, food stuff and service industries like insurance, banking/financial services, telecommunications, IT, real estate, investments, energy etc.

5.Balaram chainrai ($100 million)
Balram Chainrai is a Hong Kong based businessman. He mainly has business of electronics and real state. Chainrai once owned English Championship club Portsmouth Football Club.

4.Aditya Jha ($100 Million over)

Aditya Jha has own Software company Isopia Inc., Osellus ,Karma Confectionery In Canada.He has started another ambitious One Child One Laptop Project In Nepal. He has several small projects in India to support HIV infected people.

3.Shesh Ghale And Jamuna Gurung ($ 528 Million)
Shesh Ghale is a Nepalese Businessman in Melbourne, Australia. He has been listed as the 99th richest man in Australia (together with his wife).He is CEO of MIT(Melbourne Institute of Technology) University, whereas Mrs. Jamuna Gurung is Managing director of the Melbourne Institute of Technology and Co-owner of several commercial properties.

2.Upendra Mahato ($500 -$900 Million)
Upendra mahato has his business of Electronics Oil ,Real estate , Banking and heavy Machinery.He is popular among people because of his interest in social work , he has built old-age home at Devghat, Kriyaputri Bhawan at Pashupatinath Temple Kathmandu and a hospital in karjanha.

1.Binod Chaudhary ($1.2 billion)

Mr Binod Chaudhari has been the first ever Nepalese billionaire with worth 1 billion USD and listed on Forbe’s billionaires list securing world’s1342nd richest list. Chaudhary Group forms an intrinsic part of every realm of life from Food & Beverage, Electronics & Home Appliances, Beer, Cigarette, Financial Services, Infrastructure (Power & Water), Hotels & Real Estate, Automobile, Health Care and Education.