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Which Sports Offer Best Value in Betting?…


UpdatedThursday, April 12, 2018

Most punters bet on sports that they know and love, but is there something to be said for going out of your comfort zone? It is a given that some sports are more predictable than others. For example, men’s tennis is often cited as a sport where you can make solid predictions. Of the last 57 Grand Slams in tennis, 51 have been won by the Big 4 – Federer, Nadal, Murray and Djokovic – so you could have made a lot of money betting on their matches as they progressed through those tournaments.
However, even within certain sports some markets are easier to predict than others. Below is a guide to some of the main sports betting options, highlighting which markets are popular with serious punters and which should be avoided. Of course, the best way to bet is with free bets and promotions, so click here for the latest major bookmakers’ offers.

Soccer betting:Which Sports Offer Best Value in Betting?

Soccer has stolen the crown from horse racing to become king of sports betting options. One of the issues it faces however, is that there are so many markets. A typical Premier League match could have well over 100 different betting markets, with some being easier to predict than others. Exploring these options is key to getting value in soccer betting.
Typical market: Liverpool v Watford (17th March). H 1/5, A 12/1, D 6/1.
Markets to back: Over/Under Goals, Handicap Betting.
Markets to avoid: Correct Score.

As mentioned, tennis is usually a sport with fewer shocks than others. It can happen, of course, but across a normal season you could count one hand how many times a player like Roger Federer loses to a player outside the world top 10.
Typical market: John Isner v Gael Monfils (11th March). Isner 25/18, Monfils 4/6.
Markets to back: Match Winner, Set Betting.
Markets to avoid: Set Correct Score.


While NBA is normally easier to predict a match winner than, say, baseball, a team like the record-breaking 2016 Warriors still lost over 10% of games in that season. Those margins are significant when it comes to sports betting profit. It is better to look at props betting in a game.
Typical market: GSW v Timberwolves (11th March). GSW 11/21, Timberwolves 9/5.
Markets to back: Over/Under Points Totals.
Markets to avoid: Match Winner, Handicaps.


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