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Who Are The Top Earners in Tennis and How Can You Join Them?…


UpdatedMonday, October 30, 2017

Rise to the top of any major sport, and the financial rewards can be significant, but thanks to the growing popularity of sports betting, the average fan can also hope to pocket some bonus money through his or her favorite sport. Here, we will take a look at how this applies to tennis, along with finding out who are the top earners in the men’s game.

We can’t guarantee that a sporting wager will make you as wealthy as Nadal, Federer and Djokovic, but every little helps!

Tennis Becoming More Popular for a Sporting Flutter

These days it is easier to place a bet on any sporting event than it has ever been, thanks to the proliferation of online sports betting sites. Among them, tennis betting sites are particularly popular, and most can be accessed via smartphone app. This means you can place a bet anywhere and any time, even after a game gets underway.

There are ATP and WTP events taking place all year round, and any one of them can be tempting for a side bet, but let’s be honest – we really want to see the big guns stacked up in the big events, and the next opportunity will be the Australian Open next January. Bookies are, as usual, struggling to decide who is the favorite between Nadal and Federer, with both quoted at 3/1 odds. Djokovic and Murray are not far behind at 7/2.

These are the guys who really earn the big money month in and month out, and are head and shoulders above the rest in the men’s game. Yet the big four are not only best paid players around today, they also lead the rankings of the highest career earnings ever.

The All-time Top Earners

When it comes to “who’s the greatest,” fans are usually torn between Federer and Nadal. However, if the question was who is the wealthiest, Novak Djokovic surpasses them all. He has earned an eye-watering $109.8 million. He might not have won as many titles as his rivals, but participation in all those ATC events has certainly paid dividends.Who are the top earners in tennis and how can you join them?

Snapping at his heels is the man you might expect to be at the top. Roger Federer has won more grand slams than anyone in the sport’s history and shows no indication of slowing, despite turning 36 this year. His career earnings stand at $109.4 million. How much longer can he keep doing it?

Federer’s rivalry with Nadal is the stuff of sporting legends. Nadal might be trailing his nemesis in the money stakes at $91.2 million, but being five years younger, he will have plenty of time to catch up. And after all, what’s $20 million between friends?

Bringing up the rear in the Big Four, we find Scotland’s Andy Murray. The Wimbledon crowd favourite has earned a mere $60 million in his career, some way adrift of the rest. Like Nadal, he has time to add to the prize pot, but not everyone can do a Federer, and at 30, it could be that Murray’s peak years are behind him.

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