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5 Reasons Why Football (Soccer) Is the World’s Most Popular Sport…


Almost everybody knows that football is the most popular sport in the world, with hundreds of millions playing it and billions watching it every year. No other sport comes close to football in terms of global popularity, and even people who think other sports are more entertaining have to admit that the followers of their favorite sport are drastically outnumbered by football’s fan base. These are all indisputable facts, but a lot of people fail to mention why football is the world’s most popular sport. Here’s one of the best explanations you’ll find:
 Why Football (Soccer) Is the World's Most Popular Sport

1. It’s the Most Accessible Sport – It Can Be Played Almost Anywhere

Other sports require a special field or court of some sort. Whether it be cricket, rugby, basketball or tennis, there are important markings and equipment that need to be included. You can’t play basketball without a basketball court, but football can be played anywhere there is a ball, an open field, and two sticks to use as makeshift goal posts. Whether you’re a wealthy Bet365 Mobile player living in London or a schoolboy growing up in the poorest country in the world, you can pick up a football and get a game going without any expensive equipment or fancy markings. That unique level of accessibility is one of the primary reasons why so many people are exposed to soccer where other sports are nowhere to be seen. Why Football (Soccer) Is the World's Most Popular Sport

2. The British Navy Brought Soccer Around the World Making it a Global Sport

The popularity of football ballooned when the British Navy brought the game to so many different countries during the late 1900s. As a result, the decades from the 1960s to the 1990s saw a tremendous expansion of the sport. The other two national sports in Britain (cricket and rugby) were mostly played by the upper class, while the working class and traveling Navy members played football and therefore exposed it to all of the countries they visited. Many people don’t know that the British invented the term “soccer” and that the sport was actually called soccer before it was ever referred to as football. This comes as a surprise to many who criticize others for calling it soccer, but, ironically enough, that is in fact the original name used by the British to describe the sport.

3. People are Proud of Their Football Teams

Another reason why the popularity of football continues to grow is because the youth see their parents, friends, and communities celebrating and taking so much pride in the game. It’s become a cultural phenomenon and a way for countries to peacefully battle each other on the field without really going to war. Make no mistake though, football is also the most controversial sport and is known for having some of the most extreme stadium brawls in history.

4. It’s a Simple Game That Almost Anyone Can Play

Football is also a relatively simple sport that is easy for everyone to learn and participate in. You don’t need to be tall, heavy, strong or any of the other pre-qualifiers that you see in sports like rugby or basketball. When the goal is 10 feet tall or you’re faced by a 200-pound man every time you set foot on the field, that’s kind of going to limit who can really enjoy the sport. Whereas football has no such limitations because at the core level it essentially involves kicking a balling around, which only requires that you have two functional legs.

Most Popular Sport

5. It’s Exciting and Fast-Paced

Finally, football isn’t subject to all of those breaks and pauses you see in so many other games like baseball, hockey, basketball, and American football. Some people don’t have the patience to sit around and wait in a dug out or stare from the bench until it’s their turn to enter the game, and from a watching standpoint people tend to lose interest when the action is frequently interrupted. Football has far fewer breaks and is therefore able to keep the attention of more viewers.

Football Into the Future

As we make our way towards the 2nd decade of the 21st century, it’s apparent that no other sport has a chance of catching up to football’s popularity. Avid fans of the sport today will raise their children to watch it and the chain reaction will continue as the sport is carried on via tradition to future generations.

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