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Christopher John Matthews also known as Chris Matthews is famous political commentator and newsreader. How rich is this famous person? Chris Matthews’s net worth is about $20 million dollars and his salary is equal to $5 million dollars per year. Most of his money comes from his career as a political commentator, Chris knows politics well, as he himself was a part of Democratic Party, this experience allows him to be one of the most famous political commentators in America. Matthews had such a great success while being a part of politics that he was suggested to run for the Senate, but he chose other path.


Chris Matthews Net Worth $20 Million


Chris Matthews was born in 1945, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He studied economics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and also had an opportunity to be a visiting fellow at Harvard University. Chris Matthew is a very intelligent person, the proof of this fact is that he holds 28 honorary degrees from such universities as Washington University, Temple University, Villanova University, Howard University and other educational institutions. Matthews is also acclaimed by different awards: the Abraham Lincoln Award, The Pennsylvania’s Society’s Gold Medal and the John F. Kennedy Memorial Award.

Chris Matthews’s career in politics started when he came to Washington, D.C. At first he became a police officer there, later Chris step by step involved himself into politics. Matthews had an opportunity to work with such politicians as Frank Moss, Tip O’Neill and Edmund Muskie. He was popular among many people and even thought about running for the United States Senate, as it was one of his childhood dreams. Despite his desire to be a senator he decided not to run for the Senate and chose the career as a journalist, writer and news anchor.

Chris net worth started to grow when he involved himself in politics but his later career decisions made it even bigger. One of the things that adds up to Chris Matthews’s net worth is his bestselling books, such as Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero, American: Beyond Our Grandest Notion, Now, Let Me Tell You What I Really Think, , Kennedy & Nixon, Hardball. Matthews had a great talent in writing and made an impact not only to politics but also to the literature. As he plans to publish more books, it is a fact that Matthews’s net worth will grow again.

Despite Chris’s success as a journalist and a writer, one of the biggest sources of his net worth growth is his talk show Hardball with Chris Matthews which is aired on MSNBC, what is more, in 2002 there appeared another talk show: The Chris Matthews Show, but in 2013 it aired it’s last episode as Chris Matthews wanted to focus on his career as a writer and journalist.

Although it is stated that now Chris Matthews’s net worth is $20 million dollars, it is clear that this number will grow eventually, as Matthew is great political commentator, writer, journalist and news anchor. His intelligence and skills captivates the attention of many people and will still do the same in the future.

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