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EPL, the Best Football League in the World…


Association football is arguably the popular sport in the world. Football is popularly described as a game but the business aspect of football is gradually superseding the game and fair play aspect of football. Association football have being divided into two, club football and national teams football. National teams football is played among countries which selects it’s best players to represent the country.
EPL, the Best Football League in the World

Club football is the system were football clubs are formed to contest for a trophy in a league format. Every country which is part of FIFA organizes a domestic league competition. Over the 200 member associations, 2 of the associations have been singled out as the best football leagues in the world. The English premier league and the Spanish la Liga have been described as the best leagues in the world.

Football pundits have different opinions in the choosing the best league in the world. In this article, SportsGoogly will share it’s  opinion to which league is the best league in the world and why is it the best league according to statistics.

The Best Football League in the World:

The English premier league is the best league in the world because the English premier league is competitive and very lucrative. The English premier league is very intriguing and interesting to watch due to its unpredictability.

According to the UEFA Club co-efficient ranking, England have only 1 club in the top 10 clubs whilst Spain has 4 clubs in the top 10 clubs. This means that English clubs to not perform well in European competitions and some pundits think that is the bases why the Spanish la Liga is better than the premier league. Again, some pundits draw a point from direct Spanish clubs vrs English clubs meeting to acknowledge the point that the Spanish la Liga is the best league in the world. The English plays a typical 4-4-2 system, uses the flanks and with a lot of pace whilst the Spaniards are noted for the 4-3-3 formation with fast counter attacks, attacking from the midfield and using creative players in the midfield. The Spanish 4-3-3 formation functions better internationally than other formations thereby Spanish clubs dominating all UEFA club competitions.

With all the quality players as many perceive in the la Liga, the premier league have over 4.7 billion viewers while the la Liga has only over 400 million viewers worldwide. Only Barcelona and Real Madrid generates league games generates 94% of the viewership while the El-Clasico have 30% of the la Liga viewership. Undoubtedly, the English premier league is the most watched and most loved football league in the world.

Why the EPL will continue to be competitive and lucrative than the La Liga:


In the Spanish la Liga only Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia offers competitive wages. Players in the la Liga are often not renumerated properly according to their skills. Only Barcelona and Real Madrid offer high wages in the la Liga as compared to the premier league. The English premier league have an average wage of €51,000 per week while the Spanish la Liga have an average wage of €26,000. the Best Football League in the World

The high wages in the premier league attracts all the best players into the premier league. A relegation threaten club in the premier league can boast of over 5 national team starters in its squad.

The depth in squad of relegation threatened Hull City can be compared to mid table Eibar in the la Liga. The premier league has 6 strong clubs (ie, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool) which are capable of winning the premier league. If the la Liga wants more stronger and competitive clubs aside Real Madrid and Barcelona to compete the league, the English premier league will continue to supercede the la Liga.

TV Rights Sharing:

The TV Rights income is the main boaster of the premier league financially. TV rights revenue in England is shared equally among all clubs and the share of each club is what the team users for transfers and payment of wages. In the Spanish la Liga, TV rights are not shared but rather shared autocratically between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Last season, Real Madrid and Barcelona was each given €135 million as their share in the TV rights while the third preceding club Valencia was given less than half of Real Madrid and Barcelona share, Valencia was given €45 million while Atletico Madrid was given €40 million without equity in the sharing methodology.

A 20th placed club in England going to relegation is assured of €100 million of TV rights sharing which is only higher than that of Real Madrid and Spain. In England, a relegated club earns more than Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia and the only clubs in Spain that earns more than a relegated club in England are Barcelona and Real Madrid.

This clearly means that without Real Madrid and Barcelona, there is no Spanish la Liga. If TV rights earnings are not shared equally among clubs in the la Liga, the Barcelona and Real Madrid domination will continue and other clubs in the la Liga will be undermined.

Concluding, the English premier league is the most watched league in the world and viewers watch the EPL because of its competitiveness. As the pundits say, the la Liga is a league of stars but yet still it is crawling for viewers worldwide. With the arrival of C Ronaldo, Neymar and Bale the la Liga had a rise in the international viewership of 94%. Every game in the English premier league is lucrative watch because of the even distribution of players among all clubs in the premier league. The premier league is the best league in the world and is incomparable to any other league in the world in terms of finances and even distribution of players and the nomenclature of the players as arrayed in the premier league. The most watched television program in the afternoons of Greenwich Meridian Time(GMT) is the English premier league.

The debate and argument of which football league is the best in the world is opened. Your comments and opinions are welcomed in the dialogue box below.

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