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How to Get a Six-Pack: Diet & Workout Tips from a Fitness Coa…


One of the most common questions I hear from new clients is how to get a six pack, and “Why is it so hard to get abs?” The simple answer is most recommendations for 6 packs abs are misleading.

The truth is there is not a workout or exercise that will grow a 6 pack. It’s also not all nutrition either and it’s not a fast process.

Now that we’ve cleared that out, let’s go into what’s needed to get a six-pack.

How to Get a Six-Pack Fast?

Having visible abs is a combination between a strong core and low body fat percentage, and it won’t and shouldn’t happen quickly. How low your body fat needs to be is unique to you, which means you’ll need to pay attention to how your body feels as you lean out to keep yourself safe. Rushing this process can not only damage your metabolism, but can lead to joint and muscle weakness and cause injury.

So take your time, do frequent check-ins along the way and be patient. I have clients that see ab definition at 25% body fat and clients that don’t see definition until they’re under 10% (only safe for men). So before you start working toward this, keep in mind that many people discover that they’re very happy with their physique before they get there, and it’s not worth what they would need to do to carve those abs.

The first step to having visible abs is a strong core, which might seem obvious, but the exercises required probably aren’t what you expect.

For any muscle or muscle group to strengthen it, you must train it within its intended function. Your abs, which are just one of many muscles in your core, have a very specific job and function differently from other muscles in the body. Though your abs are responsible for allowing you to bend forward, that’s actually not their intended role.

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The core’s primary job is actually to support your spine and resist flexing forward or backward and rotating unnecessarily, while still having the range of motion to move through all of those directions without injury. What this means is that situps and crunches are not the most effective core exercises. Doing these exercises is essentially treating a movement that should be a stretch like a strength exercise. While you can build muscle by doing this, it’s certainly not efficient and your risk of injury is very high along the way.

Best Exercises to Get a Six-Pack

So what should you do? Train core stability!

Training this skill can be direct or indirect, below are some of the best exercises to directly train your core bracing. And as a bonus, this style of training is much less likely to result in widening your midsection:Pallof


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