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Is Your Portfolio Safe? Capitol Chaos, The Blue Wave & All Ti…


Already in the first few weeks of 2021, we’ve seen: Bitcoin cross the $40k mark, President-elect Biden promise $2k stimulus checks, Elon Musk has become the richest man on the planet while one of the other richest men in the world – Jack Ma – has apparently gone missing, the Democrats win the Senate run off in Georgia, and rioters stormed the US Capitol.

And is the midst of these events, the markets marched higher.

In this week’s episode, AWM co-founders Erik Averill and Brandon Averill along with Chief Investment Officer Justin Dyer discuss last week’s events and financial news and how we could be seeing unpredictable and even tumultuous events in the news while the stock market continues to climb.

Episode Highlights
• Is 2021 the Hunger Games? (00:09)
• Why stock markets continue to climb (1:12)
• Looking at historic traumatic events’ impacts (2:26)
• Why you can’t predict what markets will do (3:12)
• How to be a pro in volatile markets (4:13)
• Why 2021 predictions are useless (5:53)
• How investors should be thinking about individual equities and Bitcoin (7:10)
• Don’t rely on emotion (10:08)
• Elon Musk’s big bet with Tesla (11:12)
• “We know the winners of today are not the winners of tomorrow.” – Erik Averill (12:59)
• Determining your priorities (15:02)
• The best generator of returns in your lifetime (16:06)