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John Popper was born on the 29th March 1967, in Chardon, Ohio, USA and is a musician, singer and songwriter, but best known as the singer, and especially as the front man of the New York group Blues Traveler; he is also considered to be one of the world’s best harmonica players. John has been active in the entertainment industry since 1987.

How much is the net worth of John Popper? It has been estimated by authoritative sources that the overall size of his wealth is as much as $15 million, as of the data presented at the end of 2016. Music is the main source of Popper net worth, one example out of many would be the album “Four” (1994) which added $9 million to the net worth of the singer.



John Popper Net Worth $15 Million


To begin with, he grew up in Stamford, Connecticut, New York, and was educated at Davenport Ridge School and Trinity Catholic High School. Later, his family moved to Princeton, New Jersey where he studied at Princeton High School. While still at high school Popper and the drummer Brendan Hill founded the band The Establishment. afterwards renamed Blues Band, with guitarist Chan Kinchla and the bassist Bobby Sheehan joined, and in 1987 they changed the band’s name to Blues Traveler. The group moved to New York, where they lived in a shared apartment, and became known through appearances in various clubs and performing o stage with the Spin Doctors’ singer Chris Barron, who was a close friend of Popper. In 1990, their debut album “Blues Traveler” was released, in which Joan Osborne is heard as a background singer. A year later, a second album and a live EP were released, and a performance in the television program “Late Show with David Letterman” brought them national prominence. With the hit single “Run-Around” and fourth album “four” Blues Traveler finally broke through in 1994. The group performed at Woodstock ’94, alongside The Rolling Stones. John’s net worth was well established.

In the following years, the band continued to deliver successful albums and singles, and they were also featured in “Roseanne”, “Saturday Night Live” and films “Kingpin” and “Blues Brothers 2000”. In the summer of 1999 the band had to cancel performances when Popper had to contend with obesity and had to undergo heart surgery. In 2001 came the album “Bridge”, which was dedicated to Bobby Sheehan (who passed away), however, sales was disappointing. In 2002, the band released a live album and a compilation too. Later, the band worked with music producer Jay Bennett on the album “¡Bastardos!” (2007). Recently, the band released the studio album “Suzie Cracks The Whip” (2012).

Moreover, John Popper is also known as a solo artist. Since 1990, he has organised occasional concerts as well as released several albums. He also worked with The Devotees on their album “Gimme Gimme” (1997), with Frogwings making “Croakin’ at Toad’s” (1999), with Duskray Troubadours recoding “John Popper & the Duskray Troubadours” (2011), among others.

Finally, in the personal life of the singer and musician, John Popper is married Jordan Auleb and they have one child.

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