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Michael Joseph Dudikoff II, born on the 8th October 1954, is an American actor who became famous for his action films, including “American Ninja” series, “Platoon Leader”, and “River of Death”.

So how much is Dudikoff’s net worth? As of early 2017, based on authoritative sources it is reported to be $1.5 million acquired from his years as an actor, which began in the late 1970s.


Michael Dudikoff Net Worth $1.5 million


Born in Redondo Beach, California, Dudikoff is the son of Michael Joseph Dudikoff, who is of Russian descent, and Rita Giardin, who is of French-Canadian descent. Dudikoff is the fourth of five children. Dudikoff attended West High School in Torrance, California, and later on studied child psychology at Harbor College. His life changed when he worked as a waiter during his college years at Beachbum Burt’s in Redondo Beach, California, when Max Evans, a fashion editor of Esquire Magazine, walked in during his shift at work and asked him to try modelling.

So Dudikoff tried modelling, and was delighted with what became his new career. From being a runway model for various designers, he was able to hire an agent at the Mary Webb Davis Agency, and began working on print modelling and for other commercial clients. He was able to work with GQ and Calvin Klein during this time, including on the ‘catwalks’ at international shows in Milan and New York as well as Los Angeles, which certainly boosted his net worth.

Dudikoff transitioned into acting by starring in commercials for brands like Coca-Cola, Coppertone, Stridex, and the Army Reserve. He then was able to move into television, and appeared in series including “Happy Days”, “Gimme a Break!” and “Dallas”.

In 1980, Dudikoff entered the world of movies, and acted in his first film – “The Black Marble”. He then appeared in more films such as “Bloody Birthday”, “Enter the Ninja”, and “I Ought to Be in Pictures”. Despite having small roles, these films helped his career and net worth.

Dudikoff started to gain momentum in his acting career when he began scoring roles in action- packed films. It started when he starred in “Tron” in 1982, and was followed by “Uncommon Valor” and “Bachelor Party”, In 1985 he became more popular when he starred in “American Ninja” in the role of Private Joe Armstrong, then in the second and fourth films of the series.

Some of his other well-known films have included “The Human Shield”, “Chain of Command”, “Bounty Hunters”, “Soldier Boyz”, “The Silencer”, “In Her Defence”, and “Quicksand”, consistently adding to his net worth.

Today, Dudikoff is still active in acting in “Zombie Break Room”, “The Bouncer”, and “Enter the First and the Golden Fleecing” as some of his most recent projects.

In terms of his personal life, Dudikoff has been married since 2004 to Bell, and they have three children together.

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