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Mom Gives Birth to Baby in Old Navy Parking Lot After Getting Stu…


Even though Katie Gaeta wasn’t planning to give birth in a hospital, she never expected she’d end up delivering her baby in an Old Navy parking lot!

Katie Gaeta — a birth photographer in South Carolina — wanted to have a natural delivery in a birthing center, according to KMOV.

“Having gone through two hospital births and being in the birthing community, I just feel like it was something I could do and knew it would be very empowering,” she told the news outlet.

After her contractions began on Wednesday morning, she and her husband Tony got in their van and made their way to the birthing center in Sunset Hills while her doula drove in the car behind them.

“Everything was fine, we were on I-270 but as 270 goes we realized there was a traffic jam,” she said. “We realized at I-44 that we were not going to make it and I was trying to hold strong and my water broke in the car, right in front seat of the Honda Odyssey.”

Her husband immediately pulled into the parking lot of a nearby Old Navy.

“She was not waiting,” Tony told KMOV. “So I got out of the car and I leaned the chair back and the next thing I know, Katie is holding Emma.”

Their daughter, Emma Jupiter, was born right in the front seat at 7 lbs and 15 ounces.

“I think it’s amazing when people get their plan to work out and it wasn’t our plan, but we still got our natural birth,” said Katie.

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