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Obie Trice III was born on the 14th November 1977, in Detroit, Michigan, USA and is a rapper and songwriter who is most famous for his former recording contract with Shady Records which released his debut album as well as for cooperating with Eminem on the soundtrack of the movie “8 Mile”. He is also a founder of the Black Market Entertainment record label.

Have you ever wondered how much money this rap artist has accumulated so far? How rich Obie Trice is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total amount of Obie Trice’s net worth, as of mid-2016, is $8 million which has been acquired through his music career that has been active since 2000.


Obie Trice Net Worth $8 Million


Obie Trice was raised in Detroit by his mother and alongside three brothers, in a family of African- American but also German ancesrty. He showed an interest in music, rapping in particular, at the age of 11 when he was given a karaoke machine as a gift from his mother. Prior to making his own mixtapes, Obie used to practice rhymes over the songs of Big Daddy Kane, Darryl McDaniels and hip hop group N.W.A. At the age of 14, Obie Trice began to attend various rap battle events all around Detroit, which led to him dropping out from Cooley High School, and pursuing a rapping career.

In the course of the next several years, Obie Trice significantly improved his skills, and began to make mixtapes which shook up Detroit’s underground scene in a positive way. The real breakthrough in Obie Trice’s career came in 1999, when he “caught the ear” of one of the world’s best selling musician and rap legends – Eminem. After successfully passing an audition, Obie Trice was officially signed to Eminem’s own record label, Shady Records, in 2000. His rapping skills were presented to the broader audience through a freestyle skit on an D12 album called “Devil’s Night”, which was followed by collaboration with Eminem himself on hit singles from “The Eminem Show” album, “Without Me” and “Drips”. These, besides establishing Obie Trice as a rapper on the global rap scene, also provided the basis for his wealth.

This initial success was followed by Obie Trice’s contribution to the original soundtrack of the 2002 drama “8 Mile”, featuring Eminem in the leading role. Obie also made a cameo appearance in the movie, as a rapper on the parking lot. In 2003, Obie Trice under the Shady Records label released his debut album “Cheers” which, by the end of 2005, was certified platinum and added a huge sum to the overall net worth of Obie Trice.

In 2006, Obie’s second studio album “Second Round’s on Me” was released, also under the Shady Records label, however, he felt that the label had not managed to give him a good, promotional push and decided to leave in 2008, although staying close friends with Eminem. In 2009, Obie released a compilation album, “Special Reserve” under the Works of Mart label, before launching his own record label company in 2010, named Black Market Entertainment. A year later, “Bottoms Up”, Obie’s third studio album was released featuring Eminem and Jay-Z as special guests. All these accomplishments certainly massively increased the total size of Obie Trice’s net worth.

In his rapping career so far, Obie Trice has released five studio albums and four official mixtapes on which he collaborated with some of the greatest names in the world of rap music including, apart from those already mentioned, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Lloyd Banks and Nate Dogg. It is certain that all these achievements have helped Obie Trice to add millions to his now quite impressive overall net worth.

When it comes to his personal life, Obie Trice was shot twice. It all occurred on the 2006 New Year’s Eve while he was driving in the streets of Detroit with his girlfriend. One of the bullets hit Obie in the head, and due to a high operation risk, that bullet was never removed and is still struck in Obie Trice’s skull. Formal acknowledgment of any relationship is lacking.

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