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Online slot Myths: How and why and they first appeared…


UpdatedWednesday, December 16, 2020

When you play internet slots like Thunderstruck 2 Slot, you’re going to want to win. Even if you don’t admit it, even if you say you’re just playing for fun, that excitement is still going to be there; it’s part of what makes the game so thrilling and – for some – so addictive.

Online slot Myths

The problem is, you might have looked online to see how you can win slots or how to give yourself more chances of winning. You could easily have some across some myths and thought they were real, but that’s a dangerous situation to be in. Read on to find out what some of the biggest myths are and what they mean. 

The More You Bet, The More You’ll Win

When you look at most online slot games, there will be an option to bet with the maximum amount available. This can be a tempting idea for platers since the idea is that if you pay more in, you’re going to have more chance of getting more out. So if you use max bet on every spin, you’re sure to do well. 

Unfortunately, this is a myth, even if it would be amazing if it was true. If it was true, of course, everyone would just bet the maximum and walk away a winner, and since that doesn’t happen, it’s got to be taken with a large pinch of salt. 

Stay Away From Slots Which Have Recently Paid Out

This is a pretty common myth, and it’s something that both online and offline slots have had to deal with. The idea is that if a game has just paid out a large sum of money, it’s not going to do it again for a while. This does make some form of sense; clearly the game will need to reset itself and prepare, right? 

Wrong. Since each slot game works on a RNG (random number generator) system, there is no telling when the next win is going to come. The game could be playing out for the very next player, or it might be that it takes many months to get those winning symbols in a line once more. 

You Cannot Improve The Chances Of Winning

Something that might seem to fly in the face of what we’ve been saying with regards to everything being random and therefore not giving you the chance to improve your odds of winning is the fact that, actually, in some cases, you can.

Of course, even if you can make it more likely you’ll win that will won’t guarantee that you will, so do bear that in mind. However, to give yourself a better chance, make sure you check the RTP of the games you’re playing. This stands for return to player, and it basically means how likely it is you’ll get your winnings back. The higher the RTP, the more chance you’ll break even at least.

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