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Richard Philip Lewis was born on 29 June 1947, in Brooklyn, New York City USA, of Jewish ancestry. Richard is a comedian and actor, probably still best known for his stand-up routines and comedy specials that made him famous during the 70s and 80s. The popularity he’s gained from comedy helped him obtain opportunities for film and television, which in turn helped raise his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Richard Lewis? As of early-2016, sources inform of a net worth that is at $7 million, mostly accumulated through a successful career in comedy. Even after the peak of his popularity, he has continued to make guest appearances in various television shows, and he’s also released a book, which helped increase and maintain his current wealth.



Richard Lewis Net Worth $7 Million


Richard enrolled at Ohio State University, but then started his career in comedy during the early 1970s, when he worked on his stand-up act during the night while working in an ad agency during the day. Eventually the company he was working for became defunct, but his skill in comedy soon earned him great popularity, including in the 1980s making several appearances on “Late Night with David Letterman”. His popularity also earned him a few comedy specials on HBO. Later, he was given an opportunity to star in an ABC sitcom entitled “Anything but Love”, in which he worked with Jamie Lee Curtis. The series lasted for four seasons, and then he was given the chance to star or guest in other television shows like “Daddy Dearest”, “Rude Awakening”, “7th Heaven” and “Tales from the Crypt”. The fame also saw him writing comic articles for various publications like Playboy. A few years later, he appeared as Charlie Sheen’s accountant in “Two and a Half Men”, and also guested in Chris Rock’s Show “Everybody Hates Chris”. All these appearances helped increase his net worth.

Lewis also had a few endorsement offers, some of which he has taken. These include the 1990s beverage Boku, Certs, and Snapple. He also found opportunities to work in films, including “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”, “The Wrong Guys”, “Once Upon a Crime”, and “Wagons East!” Like many comic personalities, he also gave drama a try with various movies like “Drunks”, “Leaving Las Vegas” and “Hugo Pool”, which added somewhat to his net worth.

While he continued to make several appearances on television, the most notable appearance he made during the 2000s was on “The Howard Stern Show”. He had written a book which he was promoting and it was entitled “The Other Great Depressions”, which details the actor’s struggle with alcoholism and how he has conquered it, and how he has been sober since 1994. He also made significant waves with his reunion with Larry David in the popular HBO show “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. According to Lewis, he was the originator of the phrase “The_From Hell” which was used to describe a variety of things. While some books do credit him for the phrase, many others state that the phrase was used way before he had ever used it for any of his comic acts.

Aside from his endeavors on the stage and in front of the camera, Richard married Joyce Lapinsky in 2005, but little else is known outside of his work and even his problems on alcoholism weren’t revealed until his book. Lewis is always known to sport an all-black look with Converse sneakers.

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