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John Rodney Mullen was born on the 17th August 1966, in Gainesville, Florida USA. He has earned his popularity and net worth as skateboarder and public speaker. Over the course of his career, Rodney has received several awards and recognitions; in 2002 he was awarded Skater Of The Year by the Transworld Skateboarding and has also won third place as a most influential skateboarder, behind Tony Hawk and Mark Gonzales. He has been active as a skateboarder since 1980.

Have you ever wondered how rich Rodney Mullen is? According to sources it is estimated that Rodney Mullen`s overall net worth is $30 million, an amount acquired through his successful career as a skateboarder.


Rodney Mullen Net Worth $30 Million


Mullen fell in love with skateboarding at the age of ten when he began practicing in the garage of the family home with the friends of his sister, who were already avid skateboarders. In 1978, Rodney entered his first competition at the USA Open Championships, finishing in fifth place.

In 1980 he turned pro when he entered the Oasis Pro Competition and beat the champion Steve Rosco. He joined the Bones Brigade team and during the 1980s became one of the best skateboarders, improving with every competition he entered and losing only once in the 35 contests he entered. However, the freestyle skateboard media attention declined, and Mullen was forced to change his style, which resulted in him joining the Plan B team in 1991. While with Plan B, Mullen was included in the video entitled “Questionable”, in which he displayed some of his tricks such as newly-mastered Darkside entitled Virtual Reality.

However, the Plan B split in 1994 after the tragic death one of their members, but Mullen continued with his career, and in 1997 formed the A-Team.

In 2003 he founded the Almost Skateboards together with Daewon Song, designing skateboards and participating in various skateboard competitions.

Over the years, Mullen has appeared on a number of skateboarding videos, mostly with his newest team Almost. In 2015 Mullen embarked on a European tour with his team colleagues Mark Appleyard and Chris Haslam.

Since the beginning of his professional career, Mullen has been credited for inventing more than 30 skateboard tricks, such as gozilla rail flip, 540 shuv-it, heel flip, double heel flip, sidewinder, 360 flip, switch 360 flip, impossible, ollie finger flip, helipop heel flip, half flip darkslide, kick flip under flip, one footed Ollie and many others.

In adding to his net worth, Mullen has been featured in several Tony Hawk series of skateboarding games such as, “Pro Skater”, “Pro Skater 2”. “Pro Skater 3”, “American Wasteland” and “Ride” among others.

He has also been featured in the film “Gleaming The Cube” (1989) as a stunt double for actor Christian Slater, and also served as a double for the actor Ben Stiller in the film “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” (2013).

When it comes to his personal life, he has been married to Traci since 2000; the couple lives in Ventura County, California.

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