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Roseann O’Donnell was born on 21st March 1962, in Commack, New York USA, of Irish and American descent. Rosie is a famous actress, comedian, television producer and personality. As the tremendous actress she has been nominated for the Emmy Award five times and one of them won. As the outstanding host of the talk show, she has been nominated for the Daytime Emmy Awards thirteen times and eleven of them won. What is more, she is a successful author and a magazine editor.


Rosie O’Donnell Net Worth $100 Million


So how rich is Rosie O’Donnell? Sources estimate that Rosie’s net worth is as much as $100 million. Her assets include a home in New Jersey worth more than $6 million, and another in Sarasota worth more than $5 million. In 2013, she sold her luxurious mansion in Miami Beach for $16.5 million.

Rosie O’Donnell‘s father Edward migrated from Ireland, and worked in the defence industry. Her mother Roseann was Irish-American and a homemaker. Rosie attended Commack High School, but never graduated from university, instead in 1979 she began her career as a stand- up comedian, performing in various clubs until invited onto the “Larry King Live“ TV show “Star Search“. This was her breakthrough, and opened doors to television sitcoms including “Gimme a Break!” (1986 – 1987), “Stand-Up Spotlight” (1988 – 1991), “Stand By Your Man” (1992) and others. Her fans increased daily as she appeared in various shows and series, which also had a positive impact on her wealth.

In 1996, Rosie made her debut as the presenter of her own show entitled “The Rosie O’Donnell Show”, which aired for six seasons with O’Donnell winning multiple Emmys. In 2006, she became the host of “The View” which also brought several nominations and Daytime Emmy Awards. However, she quit in 2007, after which she began working on the video diary “Jahero”, which was broadcast on her personal website. As with all her activities, this was also successful and brought O’Donnell the Blogger’s Choice Award. From 2011 to 2012, she came back to television screens with “The Rosie Show“ as the host, producer and executive producer. The show received positive critics reviews and had high ratings.

After a few years, it became clear that the nightingale must sing, and in 2014 Rosie returned to “The View” as a host, and in 2015 she appeared on television screens with a new program “Rosie O’Donnell: A Heartfelt Stand Up”. Due to her charismatic personality, it is expected that her net worth will continue growing.

Meantime, Rosie O’Donnell published the book “Find Me” in 2002, which included memoirs, detective and mystery stories, became a bestseller, increased her net worth and popularity considerably, and the $3 million payment in advance funded the opening of “For All Kids Foundation”, which helps children in need around the USA. Another biographic book, “Celebrity Detox” was released in 2007, in which Rosie described the ups and downs of being famous, and her determination to leave fame behind.

Having such a busy routine, has she had time for a family? The answer is positive, however, her understanding of a family is not traditional. In 2004 when same sex marriages were allowed, she married Kelli Carpenter. Through artificial insemination the family gave birth to three children, but then divorced in 2007. In 2012, Rosie married Michelle Rounds, but three years later they filed for divorce, too. O’Donnell has adopted two more children.

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