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The Dallas Cowboys are Super Bowl Material unlike the Green Bay P…


Dallas Cowboys have since regained the top spot after the NFL playoff standings were updated. The standings have also indicated the poor performance of Green Bay Packers in the current season after the Indianapolis Colts beat them again at home on 6th November. If week 9 NFL scores are anything to go by, most teams are substandard in their performance and the true contenders of Super Bowl are beginning to show. Such scores are what will redefine Super Bowl betting odds. The Dallas Cowboys are Super Bowl Material unlike the Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers had an excellent opportunity to make some headway in the NFC North but this was not possible as the Indianapolis Colts defense gave them a rough time in scoring points. The Green Bay Packers failed to retaliate even in the final minutes of the last quarter but in their consolation, it was too late to recover from such a huge deficit. The tragic loss rewarded the Green Bay Packers with an unattractive 4-4 on then current season while it boosted Indianapolis Colts to a tremendous 4-5 to this moment. The Green Bay Packers threw away their golden opportunity of getting to a similar spot in the division as the Minnesota Vikings. This is because the Minnesota Vikings had also been mercilessly thrashed by the Detroit Lions.

The Dallas Cowboys had an easy time defeating Cleveland Browns to rise to a 7-1 position on the season. This top position serves to retain the Dallas Cowboys at the helm of current playoff standings of the NFL and is also an indication of the excellent run they have had on the road. The Dallas Cowboys have an impressive 4-0 standing on the road in the current season and will continue to soar higher as the top most seeded football team in the entire NFC. It is no secret that the Dallas Cowboys are NFC’s best team in the 1st half of the 2016 season.

Other games that had a significant impact on the playoff standings of NFC are the Detroit Lions defeating the Minnesota Vikings, the New Orleans Saints thrashing the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants triumphing over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Furthermore, The Atlanta Falcons shamed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on 3rd November. The Seattle Seahawks are set to encounter the Buffalo Bills on the 7th of November. Regardless of the results of the game, the Seattle Seahawks are guaranteed to retain the top position in the NFC West.

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