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The Richest Royal Families in The World…


The Richest Royal Families in The World

One could easily see that being ultra-rich is not the worst thing that could happen to a human being. In fact, most people enjoy having everything they desire (God knows why). However, even the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bezoses, Musks, and Gates of this world can’t have everything – for example, they can’t have a royal crown, loyal subjects, and governing power over a country (although many conspiracy theorists would argue that about the Rothschilds). Yes, life is such. No one has everything. Well, except for these ten royal families. They are the exception that proves the rule. With vast wealth and political power, they are among the most influential people on our planet. Here they are – the ten wealthiest royal families in the world.

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0:00 Intro
0:36 House Liechtenstein
1:45 House Maktoum, Dubai
2:47 House Alawite, Morocco
3:51 House Bolkiah, Brunei
4:57 House Adulyadej, Thailand
5:51 House Windsor, United Kingdom
7:20 House Nahyan Of Abu Dhabi
8:20 House Of Thani Of Qatar
9:50 House Of Al-Sabah Of Kuwait
11:05 House Of Saud Of Saudi Arabia

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