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Top 10 Most Richest Teen Celebrities 2015…


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Well there looks a huge competition between some of the teen actors and actresses , singers and musicians . Taylor Swift is one of them who is leading the Teen celebrities while the other who are joining her are non other then its Justin Beiber , Selene Gomez and Mily Ray Cyrus . Well lets see who ranks higher in 2014 .

Top 10 Most Richest Teen Celebrities 2014
Country Source of Income Earnings 2013-2014
Most paid actors of HollywoodJustin Bieber Music , Movies , World Tours , Events $58 Million
Taylor SwiftBest actress of the 2014 as singer too Movies , Music , World Tours , Events $55 Million
Miley Ray Cyrusone of the most paid actress Movies , Music , Events $22 Million
Selena Gomeztop paid singer 2013 Music , Movies , World Tours $20 Million
Dakota Fanningmost paid in 2014 Movies $18 Million
Angus JonesMost powerful celebs 2014 Movies , TV Shows $12 Million
the most expensive 2014 actressAbigail Breslin Movies , TV Shows $11 Million
Niall Horan Movies $10.5 Million
Liam Paynethe richest actrs Movies $10.5 Million
Harry StylesMost powerful young teen Movies $10 million 1-Top 10 Most Common Signs of Pregnancy

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