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Top 10 Richest Women in the World 2020…


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Today we will be covering the Top 10 Women in the World Who Bring in Billions!

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As women have become increasingly more wealthy in the last few decades, a new tier of female billionaires have emerged.

After all, with large salaries no longer being reserved for men, this new group of classy women can now spend their hard-earned cash in various ways, with many of them even giving back in the form of charities and foundations.

What’s more, many of these women have very successful families and have truly created a lasting legacy. So today, we’ll be giving you the hot–take on the top 10 richest female billionaires.

In this iRicher premium video, we will talk about these richest women in the world: 00:00
– Gina Rinehart 1:10
– Zhong Huijian 2:07
– Laurene Powell Jobs 3:09
– Susanne Klatten 3:49
– Yang Huiyan 4:46
– Jacqueline Mars 5:53
– Mackenzie Bezos 7:12
– Julia Koch 7:58
– Francoise Bettencourt Meyers 8:43
– Alice Walton 9:40

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