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WATCH: Kathy Bates Talks Tattoos and Motorcycles for Her ‘Biker C…


Thirteen years later, Billy Bob Thornton returns to the big screen in his red suit for Bad Santa 2, and now has a new accomplice in Kathy Bates, who plays his loudmouth biker mother Sunny.

I loved creating a biker chick, I’ve always wanted a motorcycle,” Bates, 68, tells PEOPLE about her character who sports a massive snake tattoo. “I’d love to have tattoos but I can’t you know in my business but I just love going into somebody else’s world, somebody else’s mindset.”

Since the first film was released in 1993, two Bad Santa headliners, Bernie Mac and John Ritter, have passed. And Bates does her part to fill their giant shoes in the holiday movie. Also joining the cast is Mad Men alum Christina Hendricks.

I think a lot of time when you put a sequel out immediately you kind of are dealing with people you just saw and they’re exactly the same,” Thornton, 61, explains to PEOPLE as to why it took over a decade for the sequel to be released.

While Bates and Hendricks are newcomers to the franchise, Thornton is reunited with Brett Kelly and Tony Cox.

Though their film is Christmas-centric, Kelly reveals to PEOPLE that he’s a bit tired of festive jingles. “By the time Christmas gets here, I hate Christmas at that point because it’s like a month long thing now,” he confesses.

And Thornton agrees. “You know I was never real crazy about ‘Jingle Bell Rock.’ I don’t know that song rubs me the wrong way,” the Goliath star adds.

Bad Santa 2 hits theaters Nov. 23.

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